Possible alternatives to Lockdown?

Been using Lockdown for years but need a bit more capability and also it seems to have a bug where the ‘cancel’ button send everything haywire. Otherwise works well and I know the Yourhead guys are working on it. However my requirements are urgent so need to get looking…

Requirements are:

  • Must support multiple user IDs and Passwords which can be added and removed individually

  • These IDs must be set up by the site owner and specifically given to the user

  • Must support multiple nested pages (individually locked if required) and multiple redirect options

  • Must have a Log-Out function

  • Must be able to support 1000’s of members without grinding to a halt!

I’m leaning towards Sitelok from Vibralogix at the moment but keen to know if other options exist


I’ve been using Rw for a long, long time, and have yet to hear of anything that comes remotely close to what @vibralogix offers. It can handle all of your listed needs with ease (including handling 1000’s of members without grinding to a halt) - and to add icing on the cake, Adrian offers fantastic after-sales support. I’m (very happily) using Sitelok in several sites - including a recent installation for a small city to manage several different databases managed by several different city employees and several different non-employees. After using a different system (installed by someone else) for several years - they are all raving about how easy Sitelok is to use. I highly recommend it.

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Look into sitelok http://www.vibralogix.com it should do the trick

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I would definitely recommend SiteLok as well. Perhaps the question I should ask you is why you are looking for alternatives? Price issue? Reliability issue? Is there a specific concern you have?

Like @dave, I am an extremely happy customer of Sitelok customer. It also works beautifully with several of the plugins it offers (e.g. I use the Disqus plugin all the time in my course websites).

3 reasons as things stand:

  1. When you click the pop-up ‘cancel’ button, the pop up keeps re-appearing, the browser can go a haywire, impossible to exit the page, and IE has also crashed completely. I raised this a while back on the forums but got no replies - maybe there is something I’ve got wrong but if so I can’t find it. I did find a Google link to this issue on the old loghound support site but that has closed.

  2. With 500 or so members, It is slowing down considerably in my RW project - opening the lockdown page can take 30-40 seconds and we will be adding many more members.

  3. My client would really like a log-out function - and IMHO that would be a good thing.

Additionally, when I make changes to lockdown, they don’t appear as changed so I have to manually mark the page as changed. This may tie into another issue that when I tried to change some redirect links, I was unable to do so - no links were visible in the inspector and I was unable to edit.

All in all, too many niggles for this project. Cost is no issue so Sitelok looks good.

Sitelok is overkill for my clients needs although the added functionality may tempt them to do more. Additionally, it gives me another string to the bow for other clients.

@manofdogz Oops, I think I posed my question poorly. I apologize. I meant why are you looking for alternatives to SiteLok (not Lockdown)? My bad.

I have not used SiteLok with 500 members, but the number of members should not have any impact on how it behaves. (Dave has worked with larger groups.)

It’s easy to have a log out button with SiteLok. I haven’t run into a situation that Sitelok can’t handle well regarding members. It’s especially nice when you need to have some pages that are only accessible to sub-groups of your overall group. Or pages that are only accessible to one individual instead of the whole group.

The developer of SiteLok works with Rapidweaver (in fact his website was made with Rapidweaver) so he’ll be able to quickly help you with any quirks or special needs you have.

ha ha! I did wonder. Only real reason would be for something simpler which still does what I need. For the most part Lockdown has done this and with some fixes from the new owners may well do fine. NFrom what I can see the other password protect stacks / widgets etc look good but not what I need - e.g. only one password per page or user sets up their own password. Only looked at Yuzools and Joe Workman’s so wondered if there are any more.

+1 for Sitelok, terrific product, even if you don’t need all of its features.

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Although there isn’t much that Sitelok can’t do (with a bit of help from the developer, I even have it taking into account six different fields in order to derive a cost per member - see this page), it is still very easy to implement in a Rapidweaver site. It might do a lot more then you need - but the features are there if you ever need them. Best of all, as mentioned, the developer (Adrian) is incredibly responsive and helpful. I’m using Sitelok on one site in a way that it wasn’t really developed for - and he wrote a couple of scripts for me to make it work. When I asked about modifying the fields on the above-mentioned site, he went far above and beyond to ensure it was working just as my client hoped. Am I a happy customer? OH HECK YES…I truly couldn’t be happier.

Oh, and additional installations are half price. I wish other developers were so generous!

Yes I saw you post on the customisation. my client has said they would like to do more with the members area so SiteLok is now a no brainer. I’ll put a day aside shortly and get going. Thanks for the input all.

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