Locked out of Sitelock

Help. I added reCaptcha to Sitelok and now I can’t log on to the Sitelok control panel because the captcha authentication is failing. I can’t figure out how to bypass the Captcha authentication. Perhaps I can access the SLPW folder through Cpanel and change something there? RW and Sitelok are most recent versions. Also using Joe’s Sitelok stack

Any help appreciated


I’d suggest contacting Adrian directly at Vibralogix. @vibralogix

I must say that I recently had a problem with the Sitelok update. Adrian was extremely cordial and diligent and helped me resolve the issue. Later, he kept in contact with me to make sure everything was okay.
This testimony is one of the many that other users have expressed in the same sense. Great person, great app.


I have emailed you a file which you can use to reset the captcha. Let me know how you get on.

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Yes Adrian at Sitelok is amazing supporter and Sitelok is the best for login protection. I never have problems with any Sitelok site. Very professional product.

Adrian sent me a solution that worked perfectly

I also found that I had an issue with Captcha because I used v3 instead of v2. Sitelok uses v2. Adrian helped me with this as well. For me the actual “cost” of software is the purchase price + the amount of time it takes for set up/troubleshooting. Adrian saved me an enormous mount of time that I could have burned trying to get things set up. Sitelok is a great product, and the value added with the great support makes it an incredible bargain.


@clawmd Glad you got it all sorted. Adrian is amazing (@vibralogix). Since I create course websites have ultra-dependable ways to protect the sites from non-students is essential. Most of the times Sitelok works perfectly fine. But once in awhile I screw up and Adrian is there to help me almost immediately even though we are 9 time zones apart.

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