Members Stack Logout Question

@yuzool, first off, the Members stack was super easy to use, I had the site up and running quickly.

Will the site automatically log someone out after a period of time, closing the browser, or will they have to physically click “logout”?

I also own the members stack, unfortunately, I have not been able to figure out how to use it. I wished the developer or anyone, for that matter, could make a short video to show how to use it.

There was a pretty detailed pdf that came with the stack and I followed it. Let me see if I can get you headed in the right direction.

I created a normal RW site for a client, published it onto the server. For me, I put the site into a folder called add-on-domains, then the domain name. Example path: /add-on-domains/mysitedotcom/

I then took the sample RW file, (made a back up copy of the original) that came with the stack, kept it in a separate RW project and set the publishing path to: /add-on-domains/mysitedotcom/members/ That’s it, there was nothing else to do to make it work. I didn’t combine the locked down pages with the unlocked pages yet (I kept them in two separate projects). I was just trying to get it up and running quickly for a client to review. My locked page is a single page of pricing for subscribers, so it was fairly basic.

Visited the url mysitedotcom/members/ and saw the sample project from Yuzool. I then went back to the sample project file from Yuzoolthemes and started customizing the project to what I needed, then republished.

The only thing I changed was in the form on the Login page, I changed the username to eMail Address. The register page, I changed the username to say email and the email I changed to Re-enter your email address. I thought it would be better for the visitors of the site to just remember an email address rather than a name. I don’t think this will have any issues and I’ve performed several tests on it that seem to work out.

I also went into the Advanced setting in RW and unchecked the sitemap setting, so there was not xml sitemap for the Members “site”. I also did the same for the Enable Robot Meta Tags setting on the pages as well.

Hope that helps you out.

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