Sitemap.xml not getting updated

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Hi Everyone

I have recently noticed that for at least one of my projects, the sitemap.xml file is not getting updated online. I have toggled the checkbox, rebooted the computer, and re-uploaded the entire site. I still end up with the same old sitemap.xml file that has old pages in if from months ago.

I deleted the sitemap.xml file online, and when I re-uploaded the updated site, it uploads an old sitemap again.

I am using RW 7.5.5


(LJ) #2

Using an FTP package, check if you have multiple sitemaps on the server. If so, remove all of them and republish. They should be in the public_html folder or equivalent. You may also be able to do this through your hosting control panel file manager

(Peter Rood) #3

I don’t have multiple sitemaps. I have deleted them and re-published. It keep generating the same file. The date stamp on the new sitemap.xml file current… the contents are old. Very strange.

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Strange indeed. this is just the RW generated sitemap and not a plug-in?

(Peter Rood) #5

Correct… just the RW Sitemap. Nothing fancy.

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