Size of form components

I am using RW with Foundation Stacks 1.8.7
When I create a Form, for example, I start creating a form base and putting into text area and a Text input.
The problem is that all the elements have a fixed size, and even asing a fix size, the fill option, or any option, the size stay fixed with the default width.

Any idea to solve? Perhaps I am doing something wrong…

Thanks in advance

I answered this on the other forum.
You can add columns etc inside firm base

It doesn’t works for me. I insert a one or two columns, all of them configure to fill, and the result doesn’t changes.

This is how I create the form.
And the the result previewed in browser or RW is a fixed small field on the left

Any other idea?

You need to show us a url or at least a screen shot and explain better what you want it to look like.
Make sure you have foundation selected as the theme.
Show a screen shot of the edit mode and preview mode or give a url to the page.

first of all, thanks for your help.
Here the url
And a screenshot with the result:

I need the field be adapted to the width of the container, column or similar, but always have this fixed size.

If you are using the foundation form you have to use the foundation theme and have sitestyles stack on the page.

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It works!!!
I was using a wrong blank theme :wink:

Thanks swilliam for your time an patience, I am starting to use RW.


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