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Happy new year to y’all. Seen a website with some slick hover and click options and wonder if this could be achieved with RW. I like the part at #Journal where it turns from partly boxed in to a plain yellow color. Took a shot with the BWD stacks and the RWextra Layers stack but didn’t get close. Also, the thin yellow vertical line as the vertical text in the middle and the yellow collor underneath the text when hovering are intriguing me to have that on a specific website. If this all can be achieved and in a responsive way then could some kind soul point me in the right direction? Thank you.

Check out BWD stacks ::
Particularly SectionsBox ::
And ButtonPlus ::

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Email me at the support address and I’ll show you how.


Thank you indeed @tav
Donation for a Coffee is on it’s way.

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