Slider stack with button control

Hi all, New to RW and I’m searching for an image slider that can be controlled with text buttons. (I’d like readers to be able to be able to view the images in any order, depending on which button they press.) Thnks in advance for any suggestions.

Welcome Richard.

At the moment I’d say it sounds like a job for BWD’s Limelight but have you seen a slider that works like this on another website we can have a look at?


Hi Rob, I’m new to RW, having come from Freeway where it was possible to control several images in a box via a button, linked text etc. My goal is to provide a degree of user interaction, making it posible for the reader to view varations of single graphic. (I am using RW with Foundry, if that affects anything.)

Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll check out Limelight.
Rgds, Richard

So the idea is to have a bunch of buttons, each with a label. When you click a button, it opens a graphic in a lightbox and you can then cycle through different versions/views/details of this graphic using arrow keys?


Yes, that’s the plan. Limelight looks ideal, provided I’m able to work through the details.

I really appreciate your direction on this.

Many thanks, Richard

No problem. The other thing to consider is whether it’s doable just using Foundry stacks which is perfectly possible - I just don’t know the framework well enough. @Elixir would of course, know the answer off the top of his head.


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