Slider on Home Site - Rapidweaver 8

pretty new to Rapidweaver and purchased version 8.
I choose the Theme “Mountain” and now want to add a slider on my Home site.
I downloaded Impact + Target for the slider. Works fine but the slider is always positioned under the main image of the mountain theme.
How can I build a Home site without taking a theme and only using a slider on the top.
Do I need to download foundation6?
Thanks guys!

Not sure what you are asking.

You say “home site”, are you talking about the home page, or a web site?

Do you want to build your own design and not use a predefined theme?

Or are you looking for a theme that has a slider built in or a theme that doesn’t have a banner image at the top?

thanks for your answer!
Yes I’m talking about the Home page.
At the moment I’m using the “Mountain” theme and there is a big visual on the top. But we prefer a slideshow with several images. I don’t mind using a theme, we like the mountain but I can’t find a theme where a slideshow is already built in.

There’s many 3rd party themes out some paid and some free. A lot of these offers more options for the things like turning off the banner image.

I’d suggest you have a look over at themeflood, and see if one of the dozens there would fit your needs. Themeflood offers free demo versions of all the themes so if you see one you might like you can download the demo and take it for a test drive.

If the theme offers a way to turn off the banner, it sounds like you have impact working.

There’s hundreds of themes out from a large number of developers.

I know some of Nick Cates themes offer a built in slide show as well.

Thanks :pray:t3:
I saw this one here, Marvel: Themes And Stacks For RapidWeaver - Falcon Design
So there is a slideshow built in and the social media icons as well.
If I purchase it, and use the slideshow for my home page, will the slider be on the other pages as well (Brands, Jobs etc.)
And I can add a text field etc. underneath the slider then…?
This is how my current project looks like:

Sorry, I’m really not an expert :wink:


I think you have to have Superflex stack
*SuperFlex 3 stack sold separately.

You can also have a look here under the theme name

Correct. Marvel uses Superflex for its slideshow.

Something like Flood might be a good choice. I use it here with the Freestyle slideshow banner which is free for use with the theme.

If you’ve already bought Impact, then you might consider Source - it’s a free ‘blank’ theme that includes all the things you need to build a simple website with text, images, columns, grids, menus etc.


Since you have Impact, any theme that let’s you turn off the banner would work.
You could also turn off the banner with custom CSS on most any theme.

The frameworks like Foundation, Foundry or Source are great, but there’s a learning curve with them.

Thanks a lot! Just downloaded it and will give it a try.
Best, Lena

alright, but how can I find out for which theme I can turn off the banner?

I would actually prefer taking a theme where I can turn off the visual and can implement my impact slideshow. Do you know if I can turn the banner off in the theme “Mountain” ?

You can get part of the way there using Mountain, Impact and Joe Workman’s Houdini stack.

Here’s how it looks on a desktop. Trouble is, it won’t display the slideshow on anything smaller than an iPad landscape. After that it reverts to the standard banner.

Maybe someone else can chime in and take you a bit further?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the mountain theme. I’m happy with any theme as long as I can implement my impact slideshow and of course some normal text underneath.

I have several sites that use impact…all with Foundation 1

As I said earlier check out ThemFlood by @willwood , most of the themes there allow you to "turn off the banner.

Here is a simple free one to try out:

There are other themes both free and paid that will work. If you like the free ones consider a donation.

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