A theme without a non-hideable banner?

I’m totally new to RapidWeaver. Built a website on my Mac using iWeb, but that went away with OS X 10.10…I just want a simple homepage with a single photo of my own, minimal text over the photo and links to other pages along the bottom. Most themes I’ve looked at have built-in features that divide the page into blocks that can’t be hidden, and seem much more complex that I need. If anyone out there has run into this same problem, I’d really appreciate hearing from them. Thanks in advance.


have you tried looking at Themes specifically designed for one-page sites like this?

They might suit you well.

You might also look at this free theme - https://themeflood.com/blank/

Thanks Mark, I like everything about this site except the scrolling. I want a link to go directly to the referenced page without all the website content flashing by.

Rob, this site looks just like what I was searching for. Thank you!