Why No Banner Images?

Using the Cataract theme, I wonder why my page doesn’t show the banner built-in slideshow on the HOME page (but does on other pages, such as ABOUT US): www.monteaglesewaneerotary.org.

Thanks for any clues. :slight_smile:

The banner images are giving errors on the homepage. Try republishing all files?

I forgot to mention that indeed, I had republished all files. And what’s weird is that the images show on other pages. Hmm…
I’ll keep a-diggin’. Thanks!

Is there anything different on the homepage that could be preventing the slideshow from loading?

More content… like “extracontent” areas and certain Stacks, which I could eliminate one at a time to see if one of them is breaking it. Crud. LOL

Oh! I wonder if the naming convention needs to be “banner_1.jpg” rather than “slide_1.jpg”. I bet that’s it. I’m gonna try it (although it’s still weird that it would work on other pages).

There’s an error on the homepage which isn’t on the pages where the slideshow loads.

Hmmmm… bizarre. I have no idea what that means. Ha ha!
I can check with the theme developer to see if he happens to know.

It’s likely to be something else on the homepage causing the issue.

You could duplicate the homepage and just leave the slideshow. Then add the other bits to see which (if any) break it.

Would PHP pages vs. HTML pages have anything to do with it? I noticed that the “About” page had both “index.php” and “index.html” files, and I deleted the html file; now the slideshow no longer shows.

What “Filename” is it showing on the “About” page and the other pages with the slideshow?

It looks like the html version is the one you should be using. You should delete the php versions from each page.

PHP is required for certain features of the page (such as Armadillo). I think I may need either a different theme or to do without the banner images, although I have contacted the developer to see what he might say (Brandon Lee: bltthemes.com). THANK YOU for all your attention and expertise!

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