Sliders anyone?

Is it possible to add a slider window to a styled text page? I have several clients I’d like to add on the bottom of my home page using their logos. Thanks in advance.

You’d probably be able to do it with some code but it could be troublesome unless you’re prepared to dig into a bit, find a free slider, work out where the code needs to go etc.

Does it have to be a slider? Why not just use static logos? That would be much easier to do.


I have several voiceover clients and need a place to put the logos. It looks better if I rotate them. I suppose I could simply have the logos in a group near the top of the home page.

Why not just change to a stacks page and then you could change what you like…with ease.

I’ve never really used Stacks since the remainder of the page is Styled Text. Is there a good video to describe how to do this? I returned to Rapid Weaver after using Word Press for about 4 years. Thanks in advance!

Can we get a link to your page…

My current WP page is here- I have already begun re creating it in RW 8 and would like to include the company logos on the new site. Thank you.

Here’s a pretty good into to Stacks video.

There are two parts of Stacks. First, there’s the main Stacks add-on which adds a new page type called “Stacks” to RW. Instead of adding a new Styled Text page, you add a Stacks page. On the Stacks page, you then add as many stacks (note the small ‘s’) to it. These stacks are small components you use to build your page.

There are some basic stacks included with Stacks, like Text, HTML, Image, Header, Columns, Grid, etc. A Stacks page consists of one or more stacks. You can replicate a Styled Text page with Stacks by just adding a single Text stack and putting your content in it. Pretty much everything you can put in a Styled Text page, you can put in a Text stack.

There are a lot of other stacks (small ‘s’) that can be purchased to add more complicated things to a Stacks page. A slider is one of those. You can add a slider stack to the page and use it’s controls to build your slider section.

Stacks combined with stacks provide you with a way to create some very complex layouts without needing to know HTML, CSS or Javascript.

After watching the video, let us know if you have more specific questions.

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I would search for a free slider. You can add code in a styled text page. There are endless options… example

You will need to have an understanding of coding and how Rapidweaver handles “Resources”. This means that any scripts and images would need to be added to the resources in RW. In addition you will need to point to the resources in the HTML code you added to the Styled Text page. It isn’t that difficult to understand really.

Stacks makes it all much easier… but it requires investing money. If this is your only need then coding is the better way to go. If you are going to be using Rapidweaver to make a lot of sites than the investment will be well worth it.

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