Rotating Text Stack

Looking for a stack that can rotate text so you can see not only the current headline text but also the next line of text about to rotate in view. Can be vertical or horizontal. Something like the diagram below. Sure I have seen this but can’t remember where!



It’s close - and very nice - but doesn’t have the smaller text that’s about to appear in the main slot - a kind of carousel effect. I think Moving Box by @joeworkman might do it but need a closer look - in particular to confirm is ‘Centre Mode’ works on auto and whether you can control the size of the Centre item.

You may have got a working solution by now but in case not…Splider can be used to achieve this kind of thing.

Rotating text demo


Spot on - and it’s a Source project as well. How did I miss this?

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How are you getting the ‘expand’ animation effect? The demo project downloaded is much more static and the central image darkens a second after going central rather than simultaneously

Is ‘Update on move’ checked in the demo project (in ‘Advanced’ settings)? That setting applies the active class to the slide as it starts moving as opposed to it being added after it arrives in place.

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@manofdogz - Make sure you have the latest version of Splider (1.3.2). This feature was only introduced at that point.

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just downloaded update - thanks

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I do miss the days when Stacks automatically checked for updates.


All done and looking exactly as I wanted! :smile:

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