Slideshow question

I’m trying out a demo of the software. I want to build my website and one of the things I want to do is a slideshow of my work. My photos are various sizes some are long like panoramas, others square and some are tall & slim. When I drop the pics into the slideshow page, a number of them are cropped, others appear fine. What do I need to do so that the pics fit the slideshow or autosize without being cropped? Is there a plugin that would do this? TIA.

If you have some photos in portrait and some in landscape, to have the entire photo appear in the slideshow the portraits are going to have to have dead space either side, essentially because the images are a different size. Or, you can have the slideshow auto adjust the height to suit the image. In which case, if your portrait images are going to span the full width of the page they are going to be very very long.

So it’s a compromise. Of the options above, what do you want?

I would rather have the dead space as a lot of the photos are close up detail pics which were cropped from the original image. I guess another or better option might be to use a photo editor to place & save each image on a common size background. I’ll look at that today as well.

Yes, that is always the best approach. Make all the images in the slide the same aspect ratio.

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