RW Slideshow crops images on phones for all themes

Hello, I discovered last month that my website slideshow pages created with RW’s photo album page no longer display properly on any iphone. I assume this is due to updated iOS, as it still looks perfect on iPads or desktop displays. Since my site was created with RW6 and Photographos VI v1, I updated both to the most recent versions (RW8).

I had to do some tweaking since the software has changed a bit, but when I use the built in simulator on RW the slideshow images are severely cropped, so the entire image cannot be seen. If I change the album type to Gallery instead of Slideshow, the images display properly. I have tweaked every single option available to no avail.

I assumed this must be a theme specific problem, but when I view the slideshow pages using different themes, I get the same result. Has anyone else had this problem, and found a solution? Could it just be a problem with the simulator? I’m not sure how to upload just a test page to check.

Thanks for your help!
Tim (not yet updated)

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