Slight delay and questions for this Weeks Elements Dev Diary

Hey Weavers,

This weeks dev diary will be going out on Wednesday instead of Tuesday (this week only). If you have any questions you’d like me to answer in the video please post them below!

See you soon,


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One of the really good things in Stacks are the Partials. Will there be something like this in Elements?


A few short ones:

  • will Elements have a backup function for the project file to the server like Classic does? And could you please enable it by default (see forum for examples where this would have been a life saver for Classic users)
  • will there be an .htaccess manager in the publishing section, like Classic has? I love the way classic handles htaccess files, and I’d love for it to come back in Elements.
  • is there a built-in ‘cookie manager’ functionality present, or in the works?
  • is there a built-in way to ‘scramble’ an email address so it can’t be read by crawlers?



would be nice to know if there will be a manager to filter third party elements.

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Not really a question but would love to see an SEO dash board. One place to add everything or at the least, check to make sure it has been completed. :white_check_mark:

Just really excited to get started and build some awesomeness with RW Elements. :smiley:

Also would love to see WAI-ARIA built into the default elements. At the very least those that are not purpose semantic HTML already.

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How does the EAA ‘play’ with Elements!? All websites “that offer e-commerce to consumers.” have to comply…

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I would love to see an example of on-page navigation, such as a table of contents with scroll to anchor point. It would be nice if it highlighted your current on page location. Obviously useful in single page websites also.

Thanks for all your questions, this weeks video will be up on the next few hours :saluting_face:

New video is up!

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