Weird behaviour when returning back to add-on page

We at Slydog Softworks have been trying to get our new add-on stack listed on the add-on page on

We have private messaged @dan and @ben but have not heard anything yet and we have also emailed support, aaron did reply saying that our stack had been approved, however when we look at our admin page on Rapidweaver community it states that our stack is still in review.

Anyway yesterday we found the url for our slydog editor stack by searching on the add-on page which looks ok, but when we click get slydog editor it correctly goes to our site where it can be purchased. The weird behaviour happens if you click back it correctly returns to the Rapidweaver add-on page but shows a page of unformatted text.

This happens on Chrome and Firefox but is fine on Safari and is not happening just from our add-on, if you try with any other add-on the same thing happens.

Thus my question Is, Is there a problem with the Rapidweaver community site and is that the reason our add-on stack has not been listed properly?

Sorry about long post, we didn’t really want to post on forum but we have been trying for over a week now :slight_smile:


Hi Doug.

Sorry for the delayed approval, I have been away for a few days and not checked the submissions for close to a week.

Your add-on has now been approved!

The issue you describe when returning from your site is not related to the approval process — I will investigate that and get it fixed ASAP.


Brilliant, thank you Ben. Much appreciated.


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