Snippets Missing From Menu

Where did you hide Snippets in the new RapidWeaver Classic App? The icon no longer appears in the main menu. Just wondering. David Schmaltz

You can customise the toolbar to setup it up exactly how you like…

Right-click on the toolbar, and choose “Customize toolbar…”

You can also press “command-5” to show the snippets window.

Hope that helps.

Thanks. That sort of works. How does one delete icons from the toolbar? david

Just drag them off :slight_smile:

Just drag them off how? Where? I tried to do that when I’d Control-Clicked into the space where I added Snippets, But attempting to pull or drag unwanted entries off or away didn’t do anything. Is Drag Off a standard operation? Never encountered that one before. David Schmaltz

It is done much like you’d drag something out of your Mac’s Dock.

Here’s a quick video showing you how: CleanShot 2022-06-30 at 11.20.21.mp4 - Droplr

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Thanks! That worked! I swear that more than half the Mac OS is now comprised of Easter Eggs and other undocumented features. I appreciate your patience while I discover the new batch of undocumented invisibles in this version.

No problem. This is how customizing toolbars has worked for a very long time in macOS and OS X so I suspect you probably just haven’t used this feature up until today. Always something new to learn and explore in life! :smiley:


Never found a need to customize any tool bar and didn’t know I could. Thanks for the introduction. david


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