Social Icons, clear formatting

(Dag) #1

Instruction says, highlight the entire code and click clear formatting. Then ignore formatting …

But I can´t find such a options on my RW6. Can someone tell me how? (It turns ip strange in explorer)

(Menno) #2

Look in the Format menu.

The menu-items are greyed-out if no text is selected


(Dag) #3

I do know, but it is not accessible!

(Menno) #4

but it is not accessible!

Not accessible in what way? You must select some text (code) before these menu-items can be selected.

(Dag) #5

It is all highlighted and marked. But still it’s hidden buttons

(Menno) #6

Where do you want to add the code? Only some areas are suitable for adding HTML.
For example a Styled Text page, the Sidebar or a Text stack.

Other places like the Meta Tags & HTML Code pane (for adding HTML, CSS, Javascript) or an HTML page already know how to handle code, so don’t need the ‘ignore formatting’ treatment.

Can you provide a (partial) screenshot? A picture could clarify the issue.

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(Dag) #8

(Dag) #9

This is how it looks like in Safari and then Explorer.