'Alien' formatting

I have noticed that when copying and pasting text from a website into Rapidweaver it often brings it’s own formatting along. This then carries on down the page when I add my own text. See park-my-motorhome.co.uk/Gloucestershire. Scroll down to Gloucester City Council. So the question is, how do I get rid of this formatting and get back to ‘normal’ text? Clicking on None in the Headings list does nothing. So where is the information hiding?


Try Format > Clear Formatting in the RW menu. You need to select the text first though.


Thanks Neil. I am an idiot for not looking for that. Works fine.

Copy using cmd+C
Paste using Shift+alt+cmd+V (as opposed to just cmd+V).

This pastes without formatting. It may seem like a lot of keys initially but you quickly get used to it.

Thanks for that Ric. Does that strip the formatting before pasting?

Another question. If pasting brings in formatting is this formatting css based or something other? And if css can I get to the coding somehow? Also at the bottom of the screen is an up and down arrow showing headings and other html markup. Can I get to that html and change it?
As you can see I am a newbie at this software. I used Dreamweaver on PC before getting a MAC so I am familiar with html and css. I don’t have any stacks or any other plugins just the basic software

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