Social media support for fellow RW users and developers

Hello users and developers:

I’ve found and followed some of you on certain platforms, but would love to start a thread to support each other. If anyone is interested…

I am on
Twitter: @lisasandphoto
Instagram: @lisasandlerphotographydesign
Linked in:

Please post your information in response if you think this is a good idea :slight_smile:

thanks, Lisa


The only social platform that I’m using for business is facebook:

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@LSPhoto Good idea Lisa. I’m not on this social platforms anymore but when back connected will let’s you kwon.
At the moment I’m only on Google+ as Konstantijn VC.


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I’m following anyone who posts here. Feel free to add yourself :slight_smile:

Here’s mine!,

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Nice idea.


I am not the perfect social media guy, but I will do my best. :smiley:


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Here i am:

Websites: (only german) (only german) (german & english)

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I might be wrong about this, but don’t Facebook algorithms penalise people for doing this sort of thing? If you follow someone, it wants you to be interested in what the person for business does, because if you don’t, it shows a lack of engagement.

Please do correct me if I’m wrong - I’m no expert on this.

No, Facebook or any other social media service will not penalize me for following someone who is a bird watcher, for example. I could care less about bird watching, but I might follow that person because they are a family and I photograph families, or they might be a friend or friend of a friend, or a colleague.

We are all Rapidweaver users. Some are developers here. I am interested in other people’s work done with Rapidweaver, as well as following the developers for new products and suggestions.

I built my website with Rapidweaver. It’s got a great theme, great stacks, and others might want to see what I’ve created.

Why not follow those in your RW community? Are we not all here to share problems and success stories?

My two cents :slight_smile:


As a fellow Volcano theme user, sounds good to me. I’d just heard that you get penalised for lack of engagement.


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