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Hi, I know that Total CMS is supposed to automatically generate meta tags for social sharing…however, when my client shares a blog post, the FB preview shows his logo and some generic sidebar text instead of the text and image from his blog post.

Example post: Storytelling and Community

Screenshot: 33%20AM

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? @zeebe @joeworkman

Do you have meta tags enabled in the Blog Post stack?

Yes, I’ve got it enabled 04%20AM

You do not have your blog post URL setup properly. It looks like its setup for pretty URLs but pretty URLs do not work.

Hi Joe, yes, I’ve been having problems getting pretty URL’s to work. It worked fine on other TCMS sites, but it hasn’t been working recently. I’ve added the htaccess rules and I’ve selected “Pretty” for the Post URL setting.


If it is not working, then you need to turn it off. Then preview that page and resubmit the blog post URL.

Ok, thanks Joe. But shouldn’t the meta tags work with or without pretty URL’s? Even if I don’t get the pretty URL’s working, I’d like the social previews to reflect the content in the blog post.

I can tell you for a fact that it does work automatically from TotalCms

You can use facebooks developer tools to see what is going on and to force a red tape.

A lot of behind the scenes things happen with you set this URL: RSS Feeds, SEO Tags, etc. All of these rely on getting the blog post url set properly.

Ok, it looks like turning off pretty URL’s and removing the htaccess rules worked…when I share a blog post from his blog, FB is detecting the open graph tags. Joe, is this support article still valid?

I’ve followed those instructions but get inconsistent results (i.e. it works for some sites, and doesn’t work for others).

Jumping in because I’m experiencing the same issue. I just debugged a few previously functional shareable blog posts on several sites and they no longer display post-specific metadata. Thoughts?

Make sure you do not have RW’s SEO metadata functionality turned on for those TotalCms Blog Pages, it will cause double tags to be written and that will keep it from working.


Brilliant — that was definitely it. I hadn’t even thought about checking that when switching my sites over to RW8. Much appreciated, Scott.


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