*Solved* Alternate Style not displaying on Preview

Hello Everyone,

I want the text of my paragraph to be Alternate text, so that it is visible in the dark background (see picture below). I selected the Alternate style for the paragraph

But it is not showing on the preview mode (see picture below): can you tell me what I am not doing right?

These are my settings for the Site Style Stack


Try previewing in the browser. I’ve noticed that sometimes the text colour doesn’t show in preview, but does show in the browser and will show in the published site.

Hello NeilUK,

thanks for your reply.

I live-external previewed it, and publish it online, but no luck (!). The text is not updating to the Alternate Style. The strange part is that in the Edit mode the text is white, so is clearly “reading” the colour change.

I also copied the text, delete the Paragraph stack, creating a new one, paste the text back in, select Alternate Style and when I externally Live Preview (and Publish again) nothing changed as well.

That’s weird !.

Is there anything else you suggest trying…?

You could try using “Custom” and set the colour to white (#ffffff)

Thank you NeilUK.
I changed the colour manually and worked fine.


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