Transferring RapidWeaver 7 from one computer to a new Computer

I am trying to transfer my Rapidweaver 7 from one computer to another computer. I was able to do most of the steps, customize addon folder, downloading rapid weaver to new computer and activate the license, but I do not know how to find my~/Library/Preferences/ on my old computer so I can and copy that to the same location on the new computer.
Any help would be appreciated.

Not sure why you’re looking for that file? If you’ve copied the addon’s and activated the license, what do you need that plist for?

That’s what it was told to do. Now that I have rapidweaver activated on my new computer, I need my new computer to be able to find my rapidweaver websites from my old computer?

You do have to copy your RapidWeaver project files over from the old computer. Then you just open them.

That’s exactly what I need… Is the addend all I need?

Don’t know how you copied all your files from your old Mac to the new, manually or migration assistant. Once you’ve copied the RapidWeaver project files, all you need to do is open them in RapidWeaver. All the project settings are stored inside the project file.

I put my addend folder in Dropbox but I am not sure that is all the folders you are referring to.

Addon folder is where your plugins, themes, and stacks you purchased are stored.
RapidWeaver project files, you create for each website you built. You decide where (what folder) you saved them in. It’s no different than Word or Pages; you choose what location you save a document to.

How did you migrate all your user data from the old Mac?

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