[Solved] Gallery Stacks 3 Not Publishing

Hi all,

I’m am relatively new to website design and need some assistance.

I have RapidWeaver 7 with stacks 3.xx installed and I have just purchased Gallery Stacks 3 to create a nice sliding gallery. Thing is when I come to publish the stack isn’t visible! I noticed the Stack is in RED within the RapidWeaver environment. On the pre-requisites it states you need RW 6 or 7, Stacks 3.0 and PHP. Question, is PHP already enabled on an iMac running Sierra? What am I doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you are trying to run something that requires PHP without publishing to a host that supports it and you want to run PHP locally then you need to download and configure MAMP https://www.mamp.info/en/ which will install the server side components required to run MySQL and PHP so that you will be able to see and use the database components locally.

I think it is referring to the page type. I am guessing you have your page set to be .html (in the Inspector settings) and the stack wants you to set it to .php

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Keith that was mighty quick. Many thanks for this, I’ll have a go but I’m not sure I’m explaining myself properly, let be elaborate a bit, The Gallery Stacks 3.0 stack, although showing in the RapidWeaver environment properly and is properly installed and I seem to be able to add pictures and in preview mode works well, when I come to publish when I navigate to the website, the new gallery is not visible. I have verified I have not hidden the stack from the desktop view or any other view for that matter.

Hi Jason, no it’s PHP so I’m assuming no issues there. It’s just when I’ve published the new gallery doesn’t appear as it does in the preview. Weird. Could it be my Host service has an issue with PHP or something?

Are you able to share your url?

No worries, http://www.skydart.co.uk the Gallery should appear between the UAS or Drone and the last paragraph. It’s a weird one. I have an iMac 5k with 16GB and Sierra. My WB is hosted with GoDaddy. I have checked the cPanel and it’s running MySQL and Apache. Weird.

It looks like you have both an index.html file on your server (the old page) and an index.php on your server (the new file) and its serving the html one by default. Is this your correct page? http://www.skydart.co.uk/index.php

You just need to manually delete the html one from your server


Jason, you’re a star. Many thanks and what a great forum. I’ve been struggling for about two hours with this.


Thanks @jabostick Jason, you are quicker than me.

Yes, that is a pitty with the HTML and PHP double page dilemma.

Cheers :beers:!

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It always seems to be the tiniest things that cause the most problems. I’ve done that one myself on occasion. :wink: