[solved] Instacks Photostream, help!

I want to publish a simple gallery to show a series of 170 picture to a client, so he will choose which one to print. The pictures need to keep the original title under the thumbnails and/or lightbox.
It seems simple… I think I purchased all the possible stacks and addons but everyone has drawbacks.

Many need to put the pictures one by one in some stacks, others do not align well the pictures, others do not show the names if working in batch (Nick Cates Photos)… at the end, from this morning until now, I tried with Instacks Photostream, because it allows a warehoused folder, not a one by one picture composing.
But, in so many hours I did not find a way to make it work.
Is there someone using it?
I followed carefully the video tutorial, but nothing appeared.
Maybe the reason was the wrong path, but I tried both ./photos/ and … photos/, and also /photos/ and also …/photos/… nothing!
Maybe the reason is the NC Strata Theme? I copied the codes to add in the CSS window, because it seems that NC themes are not really compatible, nothing at all.
There is a downloadable project! Wow! :frowning: it do not opens, an error message appears.
I wrote to the developer. He is out of office for a week.

Please, is there someone who is using this stack pointing at a folder full of pictures and it works?

I use it for clients Here and Here without a problem.

Do you have a url to the page?
It may be that your file extension of the photos are not as set in the UI.

I believe that Jannis @instacks is on a well deserved holiday.

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Hi swilliam, thank you for the help.
The url is this:
the picture folder is inside the same directory

The theme is Strata by Nick Cates, and in the Instacks pages I read I have to write a code into the CSS window.

I wrote it.


It works! I do not understand, I simply re-exported the site I saved hours ago, but all is the same.
The path is ./foto

Now I need to show the file names in the lightboxes because the client have to note the pictures to select.


Glad you got it sorted

I had to change the theme, because there are some incompatibility between Photostream and NC themes, now it works better: http://www.diegocuoghi.it/danord-elle/

Nice! Beautiful photos as well

Thank you :slight_smile: but i’m helped by the beatutiful objects. Many of the furnishings are original from forties and fifties, by the most famous scandinavian designers.

Hi Diego. Which Theme and Photostack have you used finally here: http://www.danord.it/showroom/
Thanks a million.

That is a wordpress site. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Does there a Rapid Weaver version exist? Which one? Sorry if the question is stupid. I Look for such a Design For Pictures. Thanks

Hello, I published the www.danord.it web site with Rapidweaver for 5 years, but at a certain point it became to complicated and difficult for me. Every new product have to be published in the new items sections, every sold item must be moved to the archive, every link relinked by hand… A nigthtmare.
I tried to learn something about HTML5, CSS, and so on, I purchased a tutorial book (too complicated!!). So I suggested to the friend owner of the shop to search someone more expert. Now I still work for Danord, only as photographer. And I am really happy.
I still publish my personal site with Rapidweaver + Dashboard Theme: www.diegocuoghi.it

Thanks For your Feedback