Solved :- IP address, can this be used as an alternative to a password?

Hi all, during my spare time this morning, i had a brain-wave, of course i havent a clue how to implement it :thumbsdown:

So here goes, on my humble “Timmy Toad” Website, i have three pages password protected, all three have a Log In button. I only share the passwords with one other person, my old mate Colin :slight_smile:

Colin suggested that i reduce the three Log Ins to just One Log In Button.

Hence my Brainwave, is there a way that some HTML or Java Script or similar can be created that can identify our IP Address and allow access to otherwise restricted site pages.
Along the lines of "If this then do that otherwise do this"

If the members think my idea is rubbish then please say so, thanks.

Otherwise, i can use JW’s Page Safe stack, each set up with the same Pin number, which will probably be remembered, and would only need the Pin number entering once ?


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Your IP address is not guaranteed to be unique over a longer period of time. Most probably your Internet Provider will redo the connection once a day, and you most probably get a new IP address afterwards.

This might help you:

In short, it is not safe to rely on IP addresses as a form of login. I would think that most login stacks and web browsers let you ‘auto save’ passwords and passcodes, so you don’t have to keep re-entering them all the time.

@willwood & @instacks thank you chaps, i had a feeling in my water that it wasnt a good brainwave LOL

So i shall stick with Page Safe from JW :slight_smile:



You can Partial PageSafe and place the Partial on all the necessary pages, once you unlock one then all the others will become unlocked.