Page Safe Not Recognising Passwords

I have been successfully using Page Safe for a long time and suddenly, None of the passwords will log in to the password-protected area. I have tried removing the passwords and putting them back and still nothing.
Any ideas?

Many thanks.

What version of PHP is on your server? Do you have a link to the page?

I’m not sure. My link is:

Works fine here… 1 #### 6

Tea Rota ??

Yes, that’s fine but I have lots of others and they don’t work.

So you provided a link to one that works?

No, I have lots of other passwords for that page and they don’t work.

Just found out PHP is version 7.2


That’s right.

I think Klaatu is trying to reconcile you saying none of the passwords work (except that he got one to work)

How are you adding the other passwords? Just going off of Joe’s documentation, are you sure to only have one password per line in the stack settings?

Yes, I added the other one as none of the others were working. It was fine until yesterday. I hadn’t changed anything on the site either.

They are all on one line per password.

I think I’ve got it! The PHP level was too high. I changed with my provider and went back to 7.0. Added the passwords again and they are now working. Thanks for your help everyone.

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