JWs Page Safe: Multiple Passwords

Pre-sales question here. I am interested in Page Safe but, although I believe it can handle as many passwords as you like, how easy is it to find specific passwords and delete them from time to time? I have a simple requirement to lock down a page but I would have over 200 different people needing access. from time to time people will ‘leave the club’ so to speak and I will need to remove their access.

Looks reasonably easy - see attached screen shot.

You can also manage it from Total CMS. Hmm, wonder if you could do the same from EasyCMS?

With Page Safe (as Rob’s screenshot shows) it’s easy to have lots of codes. With 200 codes, however, I personally would find it hard to know which code went with each individual since the individuals are not listed. Somehow that matching would need to be organized for me (piece of paper, etc.). In these kinds of cases I’d probably use SiteLok as name, password, email, active, not-active, etc. are all easily managed.


That’s what I was thinking - a modest number of passwords would be easy but large numbers become unwieldy although do-able. Shame - I like the look and feel of Page Safe and don’t need 90% of what site-lok offers for this project - excellent product that it appears to be. I guess once you get multiple password management, it enters the realm of plug-ins rather than Stacks.

I use Page Safe with Easy CMS to give simple access to a couple of users to update using Easy CMS. However, for my ‘serious’ Member Area access, I use Sitelok. I used to use Lockdown from Loghound but development appears to have ceased even though its been adopted by Yourhead software.

I just love Sitelok and yes it does a lot more than just manage passwords, but I I’ve found that I’m now using many of the additional functions, especially the log which tells me all about user access including failed logins. I’m also using the email function in Sitelok, so I’m happy all-round.

I could actually use Sitelok without Page Safe I suppose, but I’ve only just got my 2 users to actually update something on the site and I don’t want to complicate things for them - ha!

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While you could have 200 passwords stored inside Page Safe, I agree with the others that it would be tough to manage.

Easy CMS can also manage Page Safe passwords, since it simply done via a Text Admin stack.

Yes. For a full fledged member’s area, Sitelok is a better solution. Page Safe does not try to be that. I may do something around this space in the future but no promises or ETAs.

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