SOLVED - Pro Gallery 2 directory of images number order

Does anyone know how to number my files so they will go in alphabetical order?

For example:

How do I get around this? I want numbers 2-9 to go before 10.

I’ve emailed @willwood but he’s probably in bed, so I’m wondering if any of my regulars know (who are still up or in my 'hood) :slight_smile:

@swilliam’s suggestion worked. thanks

Try. 01,02,03,04,05…07,08,09

That’s what I have now…
but maybe I need to start the name with a number instead of letter? I’m spoiled by Apple finder :slight_smile:

I’m supprised it doesn’t work with leading 0 on the single digits (for up to 99 files) no leading 0 on double digits unless you use two 0’s on the single digits.

Try it that way

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I will not hit 100 on any of my galleries.

So you’re suggesting: end-year-awards007.jpg?

Ha… see what I did there?

If you only need 2digits then only use 2

01,02,03… 10,11,12… 20,21,22…

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Agent 007. Rapid… Rapid Weaver.

thanks. Will try :slight_smile: