Gallery 3 Stack sort anomaly

I’m currently using this stack with the lightgallery lightbox. Sort by date checked, issue here is all files uploaded to the server get a new date and time stamp by the server rendering the check box useless. Even tried a program that changes the date & time stamp of the files (already on the server) back to when taken but the server just updates them with the current date and time. Unchecking sort by date is supposed to sort by filename which it does and I’m able to adjust a grouping of filenames in the order I want by putting a prefix of 1xx- to them. When displayed, the thumbs are in the correct order left to right, BUT when you click on the first thumb to get the enlarged view that display order is top to bottom by column. I know of no way to programmatically adjust for both conditions Left to Right AND top to bottom. So no matter how its checked, what you see is not what you get. Only thing I can think of to fix this would be for the stack to read an ascii text file that lists the filenames in the order to be displayed for thumbs and in the lightbox. OR, am I just missing something I need to do in order to get photos displayed in the order I want them.

Matt, I am surprised you ask here the same question as in the email from February 26th, which I already answered.

You are using the grid-a-licious (masonry) grid. This is supposed to sort top-down-left-right.

All other grids sort left-right-top-down.

If this is still unclear for you, please respond to my email which I have sent to you almost one month ago.

Cheers, Jannis from inStacks Software

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Sorry Jannis, totally forgot we had this conversation. My bad. I do love Gallery 3 but since it wasn’t designed for that I’m still on the hunt for a solution that allows a folder of photos to be displayed in the order designated by the user, ergo my latest post.

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Gallery Stack allows this, just not wit the one Grid you use.

As said, send me more information about your file names and folders via email.

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Hi Jannis, I truly thought I had tested all of the other grids in combination with Lightbox: lightgallery but after re-reading what you just sent I forced myself to go back and test one more time. Well, I’m an idiot! Sure enough a grid: Justify with lightgallery DOES display left to right both in thumbs and slideshow!!! This is great. Thank you so much for putting up with my short sightedness.

Here is my test page:

Now, is there a way to get the thumbnail image borders back that we were able to do via CSS with the Masonry grid? This is what I have in there at the moment but doesn’t seem to work:

img.lg-object.lg-image {
border: 2px white solid !important;
.lg-sub-html {
color: white !important;
font-size: 14px !important;
font-weight: bold !important;
.lg-fullscreen {
display: none !important;
.thumbnail-wrapper {
border: 1px solid white !important;

Again THANK YOU so much for getting this display order issue resolved!

Best Regards,

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