Some ideas for adding functions to Stacks

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Thanks Thomas for the open 2 projects idea.
Do you then keep a project just for storing all you important partials?

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I usually have two or three projects I call Play or Menu-Test or Column-Test where I have partials I think I can/need to reuse or modify for other projects - or play around with them until they look and work like what I want to achieve.
You can of course have only one project like Samples (or whatever naming suits you) and have all your partials in there…(just backup it once in a while)
You just have to be aware that there could be changes/non working stacks/partials when Rapidweaver / the Mac OS gets upgrades… but that is the case with every software.

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Sorry I wasn’t clear enough in my original posts, I definitely need to work on getting things across better.

Thanks for the detailed explanation of how it works, something very interesting to find out about.

I can’t upgrade to Mojave (still on High Sierra as just outside the minimum specs for Mojave) so sadly missing out on the lime green, though I have to admit it’s kind of appealing. Maybe on that basis you should ignore any future suggestions from me on user interface colour schemes lol

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It would be very useful!

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In the interface Styles Page Bar of Stacks (3.6.6), there is a behavior that is impractical in my opinion concerning the open and closed state of the tabs (as for example the “Colors” tab or " Body Background ").
When we fold these tabs, we edit another page, ALL tabs are open again!.. Why so much hatred?.. :no_mouth:
At first, I build my sites at the level of the structure: I do not need to edit the colors. So, ALL color tabs do not help me…
Yes, it might be cool to change this behavior, do not you think?.. :wink:

(Isaiah Carew) #46

there has been an edit button in Stacks for years – however, hardly anyone uses it. so while i kind of like your idea, i am caving to popular demand. the edit button will be going away in Stacks 4. sorry.

you have always been able to do this. copy and paste works fine for all stacks.

it sounds like you are double clicking a lot of things accidentally. LOL
i would recommend less coffee. LOL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

but to help with the confusion, i would recommend giving your partials more distinctive names – it takes a bit of extra time, but it really helps in identifying them.

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@studiozellige - the settings for editing stacks and the page are for overriding the the styles on that one specific page. if you’d like to edit the styles for every page, then Stacks isn’t really where you should do that.

in RapidWeaver to manipulate the style of the entire site, you use a Theme. you should change the settings of the theme, change the theme, or use the CSS overrides in the project settings if you want to edit the entire site.

there are exceptions to the rule, however…
there are some stacks (like Foundry and Foundation) that allow you to manipulate the theme from within stacks. these special stack frameworks combine many stacks with a special theme.

(studiozellige) #48

Hey Isaiah, a priori, I did not get well understood, unfortunately.

Here is the panel with ALL the tabs that I folded for the “A” page:

Now, I’m showing another page of my RW project:

… and there, ALL the tabs are unfolded again and the same if I return to the page “A”! …


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