Something like x-slider with auto scroll

(Lisa Sandler) #1

@willwood is on vacay, so I thought I’d ask the forum hive. I am looking for something like his x-slider stack that is auto scrolling and responsive and can hold different width/same height images.

Any ideas? Besides Moving Box 2, I’ve used that and looking for something simpler because I had to use 2 different slide setups for different screen sizes.

thanks, Lisa

(Doug Bennett) #2

Have you looked at his stackslider?

(Lisa Sandler) #3

Yes, I use that here:, but I need different width images lined up next to each other and I can’t do that with stack slider, as far as I know?

(Doug Bennett) #4

Not sure if it can do that or not, are you wanting one image at a time to display? Or did you wnat part of images to display?

If you wanted one image at a time, don’t know why you couldn’t put the image in a stack and add margins to center?

(Lisa Sandler) #5

No, not one at a time. All images lines up next to each other as separate slides and move across the screen - advance a certain amount of slides at a time, but again, different widths. I used to have an example website of what I was looking for but I can’t find it. I also used Moving Box 2 in the past and that somewhat worked. I really want exactly x-slider but auto scroll.

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