Need Phone Help - I Will Pay You!


I need to fix an issue that is likely simple, but for whatever reason is eluding my more than reasonable technical knowledge. If there is any possibility of doing this via phone, I would be grateful and happily send some compensation. I will have a potential employer going to my site in the next 24 hours and this glitch is definitely going to be an issue. I short:

The current audio page triggers an “autoplay” of a song when you land on it, which should NOT happen - there should be silence and people can play what they want. I NEED TO FIX THIS!!!

This is on RW Version: 5.0.4 (7096) - I know… I need to update it. But that is seeming to be a big issue with the Themes and Plug-ins I use (stacks, accordion, etc). I have v7 but haven’t been able to migrate for the reasons stated. I am working on this.

I have tried several fixes but the problem is when I rebuild that particular stack, I am unable to publish and get an error message.

I know this is an odd request on the forum but I will happily post my number if you feel you can help as this is kind of urgent. Thanks in advance…


No audio auto-plays for me. What OS and browser are you using? Did you clear the cache? or is there some sort of delay before the audio begins?

Thank you so much for the reply! There is about 1-2 sec before a country tune starts. I tried it on 2 computers and it happened on both.

I waited a lot longer than 2 seconds. Nada.

I’m using a Mac with Safari. Zero problems.

Have you cleared your browser’s cache? If not, do it then try again.

Safari no longer autoplays unless you enable it on a per website basis inside the preferences.


Joe: That’s good to know. Nice move by Safari!

I also checked the webpage with Chrome. Also no auto-playing audio.

No auto-playing audio on my side.

No audio auto-play for me either with the latest version of Firefox, Mac High Sierra.

Just tested in Chrome and IE in Windows and no autoplay.
I did play a couple of the tracks manually as tests just to make sure music/sound was working and they played fine.

No audio auto-play for me either :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the replies everyone.

I was able to publish the site after randomly trying multiple times while parked on various different pages. For whatever reason, it finally worked. The audio no longer auto-plays, and the only issue now is that the Country/Americana song stack appears three times.

I tried to fix that but am again having trouble saving and publishing the site so I’m going to leave well enough alone.

My next goal is to migrate the site to RW 7 or RW 8, yet retain all the Themes (Nick Cates), Stacks, Accordions, etc. so that the site looks and functions the same. RW 5.4 and 5.4.1 are acting a bit finicky and I am hoping to fix that with the migration. If you have any thoughts or input on this I would be grateful.

I like RapidWeaver and plan on staying with RealMac Software for a long time. But at the end of the day, I’m a musician and not a web designer and I just need things to work so I’m hoping to be able to sort all this out.

Thanks again for your time and I am all ears if you have any resources or info I might benefit from. I’ll owe you all a sandwich!

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