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I’m new to Rapidweaver so apologies if this is a really simple question ( but I have searched and am uncertain of the answer ). I would like to add an audio file of whistling to my home page so that it plays automatically and without any player being visible. I would appreciate any help with this.

Many thanks.

Use the Boom stack from @Doobox and set it to autoplay:

It features a stealth mode:
“When selected the player becomes completely invisible in both preview and the published page.”

Thank you for such a quick response, much appreciated!

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To use the Boom stack, you need the stacks framework from @isaiah at It will not work with just Rapid Weaver installed. Stacks are easy to use, fun and will get you great results. There is a stack for nearly every situation you might come across while developing your website.

Message me if you have more questions about stacks.

Another way of doing it is using html5 and add the html code to a html stack

In the screenshots below I’ve used an aiff file. I just chose a sound from Mac OS to test the html. You should probably use mp3 and/or ogg files instead…

Add the sounds (mp3 and ogg) to RapidWeavers Ressources. Copy Macro and paste in a html Stack.

You can paste the code on on a Stacks Page, Styled Text Page or… probably most RapidWeaver pages.

If you don’t want the audio to outplay – like the example above, html with a play button is:

<audio controls>
  <source src="%resource(Funk.aiff)%">

With hidden controls and auto play:

<div style="visibility:hidden">
    <audio autoplay loop>
        <source src="%resource(Funk.aiff)%">

Note that RapidWeaver 7.1 and probably earlier versions too won’t stop playing the sound if you preview the page – not until you quit RapidWeaver. Not even if you remove the code… so don’t choose an annoying sound to test :slight_smile:

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Thanks sooooo much. I was using a much longer code, that honestly, sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t. Your much simpler code seems to do the trick!!!