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I’m new to Rapidweaver so apologies if this is a really simple question ( but I have searched and am uncertain of the answer ). I would like to add an audio file of whistling to my home page so that it plays automatically and without any player being visible. I would appreciate any help with this.

Many thanks.

(Jan Fuellemann) #2

Use the Boom stack from @Doobox and set it to autoplay:

It features a stealth mode:
“When selected the player becomes completely invisible in both preview and the published page.”

(cris) #3

Thank you for such a quick response, much appreciated!

(Jan Fuellemann) #4

To use the Boom stack, you need the stacks framework from @isaiah at It will not work with just Rapid Weaver installed. Stacks are easy to use, fun and will get you great results. There is a stack for nearly every situation you might come across while developing your website.

Message me if you have more questions about stacks.

(DeFliGra) #5

Another way of doing it is using html5 and add the html code to a html stack

In the screenshots below I’ve used an aiff file. I just chose a sound from Mac OS to test the html. You should probably use mp3 and/or ogg files instead…

Add the sounds (mp3 and ogg) to RapidWeavers Ressources. Copy Macro and paste in a html Stack.

You can paste the code on on a Stacks Page, Styled Text Page or… probably most RapidWeaver pages.

If you don’t want the audio to outplay – like the example above, html with a play button is:

<audio controls>
  <source src="%resource(Funk.aiff)%">

With hidden controls and auto play:

<div style="visibility:hidden">
    <audio autoplay loop>
        <source src="%resource(Funk.aiff)%">

Note that RapidWeaver 7.1 and probably earlier versions too won’t stop playing the sound if you preview the page – not until you quit RapidWeaver. Not even if you remove the code… so don’t choose an annoying sound to test :slight_smile:

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(Don King) #6

Thanks sooooo much. I was using a much longer code, that honestly, sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t. Your much simpler code seems to do the trick!!!