STH Summer sale (and a new Source project)

Hi all -

Machina - a new Source project file

I’ve just released a brand new project file for Source. Is another really slick, really fast and really efficient project. And I think it looks pretty great too :slight_smile:

Check it out

The project makes use of our Animate stack - which is a separate purchase (though there is a non-animated version in the download too!)

Summer sale: 20% OFF EVERYTHING

Until 5th July you can get 20% off any of our stacks, project files, courses and bundles! Simply add the code summer20 during checkout.



Hi all -

Hope you are keeping well and enjoying the summer. Just a note to say that we are into the last few days of our summer sale (ends 5th July).


Our Machina project has been another popular one. It’s yet another Source project that effortlessly scores 100s across the board in Google Lighthouse (or at least it would if i had used a more accessible secondary colour!). An easy fix for those that have it though just by tweaking that colour value.

Stacks sale continues

It was brought to my attention that a couple of my stacks had been completely ripped off by another developer. As such, now is a great time to get hold of the original and best versions:

Grid Plus - the most powerful, flexible and extensible way to incorporate the amazing CSS Grid into your RapidWeaver projects. Comes as standard as part of Source (Addons) and also usable in any other framework via the ‘Grid enabler’ stack.

Splider - the most flexible, powerful, lightweight slider stack that lets you create all sorts of sliders including (since version 1.5) the ability to create slide layouts in grid format.

These - and all of my other original stacks, bundles and all things Source - are available now with 20% off. Just use the code: summer20



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Can you actually substantiate this? Are you claiming to have invented the slider? :joy:

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