Source code in RW6

I do have a contact page that doesn’t seems to work anymore.
Visitors do get this message instead :
FormLoom Requires PHP Sessions to be enabled.
The server this script is hosted on appears to have PHP Sessions disabled.
Please make sure PHP Sessions are enabled and try again.
You will need to contact your web host, not Yabdab.

I’ve tried there helpdesk and received this answer :

In/contact/index_files/formloom-page4.php the session on line 29 after the comments, whitespace is what is causing the problem.
If you session_start (); should move to line 2 this would solve the problem.

The page is here to be find : page

Sorry but I can’t find where that source code is located in RW6. I’ve looked on the “adjustable spanner icon” and “code” but I don’t see or get any source code. I’ve been able to find it earlier in RW5 but being no programmer I’ve never needed this in RW6 yet…


Did you ever get this resolved?

You wouldn’t be able to edit this info in RapidWeaver itself, you would need to open the mentioned file in or or the like after exporting your site locally then upload it via Transmit FTP or other ftp client.

But, there have been FormLoom updates so perhaps one of those updates addressed the issue (Not saying it’s a yabdab issue at all here)?

Anyway, since we didn’t hear back from you, I’m hoping it is resolved and if you did get it resolved, please tell us how so that others may be helped as well :slightly_smiling: