Contact Form error - what is JSON? & how to fix?


I lurk on this forum & have learned a lot since my 1st site created about 2008 - RW3 perhaps?

I’m on Mojave RW Version 8.1 (20541b)

Foundation, stacks, a few plug-ins.

Using FORMLOOM 4 for contacts.

In simulate mode - there are no errors, but online, I get a JSON error when the form is submitted (also not redirected to home page)

I do not think it is a Formloom issue as I have tried every methodical configuration/option there is with the plug-in and nothing changes online. Yes, purged cache, etc…

Problem is that “Submit ONCE” is ignored, one fellow did 13 tries!!! (I got all the e-mails!)

I’ve scoured the .php file but do not find where this error is coming from. Any ideas what is wrong & how to fix it?

Thanks for helping

Site is:

You appear to be running a beta version of RW
The latest version is:Version 8.1.5 (20654)

Also what version of Foomloom 4 are you running? Make sure its current.

I’m also seeing a 500 (Internal Server Error) on pinned_tab_icon.png, although I don’t think that’s the problem your having.

I upgraded to 8.1.5 but no change. This has been going on thru several beta versions. FL4 is not outdated.


@PWP Have you sent in a support ticket to either Yabdab or Macdock or both yet? The fastest and preferred way to get support is to contact the developer / host directly.

@PWP Please get the latest beta, I think that will fix your issue.

I have done the beta install. All good!! ((I did not contact anyone because I thought it was my dumb mistake, not the software)) Thanks for the prompt response & dedication to customers.

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