Source freebies!

Hi All,

In the new year I have got a load of Source goodies that I will be sending out in a series of emails. To be sure you get yours make sure that you have:

  • Downloaded Source (even just the free version!)
  • Opted in to our Mailing List (sign up again if unsure!)

If you have done both these things then here is a sneak peak of what will be coming your way:

  • Block Circle - a project file that uses only the free Source stacks!
  • Footer templates - a collection of example footers built using the Source grids
  • …and much more!!

Don’t miss out. Make sure you are set up to receive these in the new year!!

Have a great new year when it comes :slight_smile:



Dont get any mail confirmation.

I presume you must already be signed up and opted in. If you pm me your email I can check though if you like.

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Looking forward to the footers - doing alot in Source lately. Any new Academy Projects in the pipeline? They are really worth purchasing.

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Thanks Stuart. Source is great.

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Thanks @leigh . Yes got another Source course planned out and ready to record. Hopefully in January!! And a couple of non-Source ones To come after that.


Appreciate that. Thanks @robbeattie

@habitualshaker I also did not receive an email. I’m sure I am signed in as I’ve gotten emails from you before. I tried to opt in again just now and did not receive a confirmation email. Checked junk too. Will PM you but there might be something amiss.

Thanks for all the Source goodness!

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… me too, same issue :neutral_face:

You’ll only receive a confirmation/double opt-in email if you are not already signed up to our mailing list.

If you already receive our emails (such as the Black Friday email sent last month) then you are on the list and the freebies will be coming to you in January.


I don’t think I’ve ever signed up for your mailing list before, so I signed up today and I haven’t received a confirmation email yet.

PM me your email and I can check.

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