Source vs Foundry for a non-professional developer

Here you go! This is running on my web server that is 10 yrs old. Not joking. I have only ever updated the PHP version. :smiley:

Now you may be wondering why the JS files are not showing the transfer size. This is because by the time the browser goes to load the files at the end of the page, F6 has already downloaded them into cache. Therefore, they load instantaneously. An effective size of 0KB when it comes to page load times.

In order to see the gzipped size, we can go into terminal. I even included jQuery for you.

All this is splitting hairs. Source takes a very interesting approach. It has pros and cons. I don’t even know what those are to be honest. I will add that F6 has pros and cons as well. I was not trying to start a technical comparison here. I was simply trying to correct some misconceptions about F6 that I believe some people have.

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Andrew, I bet you got more on this thread then you bargained for! LOL

Also, why is your username @RapidWeaver on this forum? Might want to change that…

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I did get more than I bargained for, but I greatly appreciate all of the feedback. All of these different opinions is exactly what I was looking for. Smart people can have open debates without taking any of it personally.

In an effort to narrow down the discussion, it sounds like some additional context might help. I am building a website that will have about 4 to 5 pages, each with a different form of information about a single topic. For example, if my page was about apples, I will have a page where I have some form of a gallery of pictures of apples, another page that has summaries and links to books about apples, another with videos about apples, and another about famous people related to the history of apples. I plan to drop in all of the content myself and only occasionally link to a book about apples. I also plan on pushing out social media post when ever I add a photo, book, etc. about apples.

Hopefully this helps narrow things down as I am very grateful for the input.

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Like I said before, you will be able to create a lovely site with any of the mentioned frameworks. Have a look through some of the videos about each framework. A 5-10 min video could help you choose which is better for your mind. I am pretty sure all devs have videos on their sites. I have quite a library on my YouTube channel and on the F6 product page.

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@teefers People are moving away from jquery in their droves. Here’s a rather fine vanilla javascript slider stack :slight_smile:

Hi @Rapidweaver

I think some kind of blog solution might work for you where you can categorise / tag your content. These would also include the sharing options.

@habitualshaker, yes, jQuery is gradually going away, even Bootstrap 5 will not be using jQuery. However, like it or not, almost all the current third party suffocated stacks available today use jQuery.

Finding one new slider that doesn’t use it, doesn’t mean that most RW users won’t need to load jQuery on a large number of pages for the foreseeable future. And once you it’s loaded then it should come from cache for any subsequent needs.


That’s good news. Especially as ‘Bootstrap 4’ seems to need to load 2 versions of it.

No. But it does show that very good alternatives do indeed exist. I shared that single example to address this point of yours:

I haven’t seen any of these third-party stacks that would come close to what the frameworks offer that don’t use jquery.

I have absolutely zero issues with these things being loaded when they are required (jquery or a full framework). My point in this whole thread is that very often they aren’t.

Anyway - over and out…

I appreciate this back and forth, as well. I just bought Rapidweaver to update my 10-year-old HTML/PHP training site run by Sitelok. The best program I have ever purchased.

All my sites are WordPress, but I would never trust WP to secure my main business. (Actually, my wife threatened me as she loves Sitelok too!)

After purchasing Rapidweaver, I had the strange idea to change my 5 WP sites over to Rapidweaver. But I became overwhelmed by which addons I would need and a steep learning curve.

Thankfully I found this forum.

I am now gathering your advice to help me understand if I can manage a change this big at this time.

Not quite there yet, but I’m getting closer.

So, thank you all.


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Many people consider Foundation to be the “biggest framework”. Just to put it into perspective, the Foundation 6 theme loads…
CSS - 26KB - 33KB (depending on settings)
JS - 41KB

@joeworkman Do you have an URL of a live F6 website to look at please? or a showcase of F6 site?

your very own showcase F6 site loads…
CSS - 186 KB
JS - 966 KB

why is this so different to what you said above?

Screen Shot 89

And font awesome is broken on iPhone 12. Your icons aren’t loading.

I think you need to read the rest of the thread mate. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ve been working on a new version of the site. It’s been taking me longer than I would like.

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I would recommend Foundry. Foundation 6 is really great, I use both. But …

Unfortunately the learning curvce is very steep and the documentation is really bad. Joe only offers videos and I don´t like to look hours of videos when I try to understand one stack. I used Foundation 1 and I bought Foundation 6 when Joe released it (November 2019). He promised to offer a demo site, also a documentation, but never realized it. He works very hard on updates and new functions, but sometimes (I think) less would be more and he should really release the demo site and not every week a new video, often 60 minutes long. Just my opinion.

When you look to the Foundry homepage, you will see a really great documentation. Adam has easy to understand texts and also videos - for me that is perfect. And the support is also great (Joe Workman also offers good support, but I really miss the documentation).

So once again, for a newbie I strongly recommend Foundry.

Best wishes Hansjörg


@HGBM Early on, I only had longer form videos. Since I have recorded many more focused videos that are 5-10mins. I have organized them on onto the newer demo site that I hope to have complete by the new year.

Thanks for the feedback. Things were rushed out when I first launched. Its better now and continuing to improve.


Looks nice. I really hope this will get out of the beta status. But I wait for this longer than one year …


While the demo site is in “beta” status, the product is far from it. It’s true, I have focused my time on product development and video training than I have a great demo site. I am pretty happy with how the year has gone actually. I shipped over 200 free updates across all of my products, 43 of which were for Foundation 6 alone. :smiley:

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If you are looking for cool things you can do with Foundation 6 check out Foundation Box.

Each RW project file has a light and a pro version. The Light versione is built with F6 stacks only. The Pro version also features TCMS stacks, if you want a blog or portfolio system on your page the pro version will definitely suite you.

Really nice sites @davidefan .

These sites though pretty much prove my point here because although you are saying these are ‘F6 only’ - the truth is that the demos all use third-party stacks. And you (I presume) are turning to these stacks because they can do the job better than the native stacks.

Your Faroe project for instance uses Impact, Moving Box and Scrollmate! F6 isn’t left to do much there at all (and certainly nothing that couldn’t be done in Source).

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Yes As Mandolorion would say - this is the F6 way.

Yes Faroe project shes a pretty one but more pretty on a source diet to forget the kilo bites IMO.