Span class styling code for tags outside of side bar

Per @kryten’s suggestion, I am using a text column to replace my sidebar blog tags.
I have some code from @instacks for using with my Poster Stack.

How would I add code to change the color of the tag words? i.e.: “beach”, “black and white”, etc? I’m doing this incorrectly, somehow.

Hi Lisa, wonder if you are using Poster Stack as replacement of RCP as I heard that some people use this blog stack as a web shop stack ? -and if yes with which payment integration stack/ system are you using it.

NB. Still no reply from the RCP support team?

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Not yet, but I am using @instacks Poster Stack for my blog:
and I am in the process of using it for other pages as well: On this page, I am using it for the Masonry look. I don’t need links for this. I suspect as I explore more, I will use Poster Stack for more page layouts as well. I haven’t looked into it yet for a shopping cart.

I stopped trying to get in touch with RCP support after February 13th. No response since Dec 20th. 2016.
I still don’t know what I am going to use for a cart. @yuzool mentioned something coming out in March. No idea what. When I figure it out, I will let everyone know :slight_smile:


Hi @LSPhoto

Please use following custom CSS on that page:

    color: #000000;


Ok Lisa, me too still undecided which stack/ system to use for an e-commerce, shopping cart. I wanted to go for RCP advanced but without proper client support not good at all. Not sure that Poster Stack will be what i’m looking for in a shopping cart, in every case if you find out let’s me know please. I can’t wait to see with what @yuzool Michael going to come with :slight_smile:


thank you, Jannis! Loving Poster Stack :slight_smile:


Hi Jannis @instacks

Like @LSPhoto I’m trying to get Poster Tags on a separate Foundation page. (no Side Bar)
Using <span class="poster-archive-tags"></span> in a Paragraph Pro stack but the Tags don’t show.
Should Tags then be visible on Preview mode or do I need to Publish.
Checked ‘Archive Style’ to ‘One Line with Separator’ in Poster stack (necessary or not ?)
Do I need extra code to make this work?


Please supply a link. Thanks.

I can tell you my set up, but I’m not in front of my computer until late tonight…


Thank you @LSPhoto

@instacks can I also place ‘categories’ on a separate page this way?
And is there a CSS option to change the color of the categories and change or remover the category announcement (in) before the actual category?
Have found .blog-entry-categorie and blog-entry-category in the code view, but sure I’m doing something wrong.

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Yes, you are able with that to place tags and categories on different places, that was the purpose.

Currently there are no inbuilt color options. Try to play with RW style and custom style.

The CSS classes described here can be used for custom CSS, yes:

As mentioned above can’t get the Tags to show

Using <span class="poster-archive-tags"></span> in a Paragraph Pro stack but the Tags don’t show.

@instacks I used the info on the provided link
Any direction to solve this is appreciated.

Will check tomorrow.

@instacks, no probs.

Got it working!

@instacks @LSPhoto @joeworkman

I made a clean page with the Poster stacks and TAGS show instantly.
Added the other stacks from the project-file/page step by step.
Its the SEO helper stack from Joe Workman that made it stop working.
To be very specific it is the Pagespeed setting in SEO Helper.
Pagespeed enabeld > NO TAGS
Pagespeed disabeld > TAGS show up

@instacks, discovered another issue when used that results in not showing the categories and tags.

Whenever an input in one of the five tag sections contains a word ending on a 's (like risico’s) the categories and tags are not showing up.

Just a notification and stated here for others struggling with this possible :ant:

Happy weaving

Will check, thanks. :slight_smile: