Spanner tool on styled text page/left missing

Hi am new to RW. Just upgraded to RW6. The project setting tool (spanner tool under ADD on the left side when you chose Styled Text) was there the first two days when I was fooling around, and suddenly has gone missing! Am attaching a screen shot how it looks


Hi Ash,

I guess you accidently moved the pane to the left.
Try Command-2 to get it back or select the Pages & Resources item in the View menu.

You can adjust the width of the pane somehow (limited range) by right-clicking and dragging the pane to the left or right.
See below.

At a certain point the cursor changes it’s appearance and the pane is gone (see below). Press Command-2 (or select the menu item) again to get it back.

Hope this helps,


Got it!
You were super helpful :smile_cat:
Thank you sooooooo much!!!