Lost Pages and Resources Pane - How Do I Get It Back Please?

For a while the Pages and Resources Pane on the left has not been showing in full necessitating I click and drag the pane to the right to see details. Today I could see the icons only, tried to resize the pane and it disappeared completely! :disappointed:

N.B. I have tried ‘view/pages & resources’ and ‘cmd + 2’ but this has no effect whatsoever. And I’ve checked the reply [here][1] and the suggestions did not work either.

How do I get my Pages and Resources Pane back again in full size and stop it reducing in size every time I open the software?! :unamused:

[1]: http://tinyurl.com/ptpsrmt

Hi Sarah

If CMD+2 isn’t working, there could be a Mac OSX error, not knowing which version of OSX you are using or of RW I suggest some basic troubleshooting.

  1. update all your stacks if using stacks 3 (I know nothing of Stacks 2.x really)
  2. close all open apps
  3. restart your mac (don’t just log out and back in, do a restart)
  4. Start RW

Does problem persist?

If no, issue resolved

If yes:

  1. close RW
  2. do a Verify disk on your Mac, or First Aid if using latest OSX
  3. Restart Mac

Try again and post results

Hope that helps.

Thank you, Brad. I followed both your suggestions. Pane didn’t appear but I tried to find the drag symbol at the left side and managed to drag it back. :smile:

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It has just happened with me too…pages and resources view is gone. I’ve tried cmd2 but no luck with it coming back…tried other suggested remedies too Show Source List.

Yep, if you go to very left edge of RW pane and drag the pages and resources view is there…quite tricky on small screen.

Thanks for your help

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