Sparkle update of Messenger Stack

(Joe Martin) #1

The Messenger Stack updates everyday to the same version…any ideas?

(Kenny White) #2

Sent a message to @yuzool and no reply as of yet.

(Joe Martin) #3


(Jason Bostick) #4

If you get the email downloads as well, I was able to download that, and then manually put it into my addons folder and the update nag went away.
It sounds (based on another thread) like the internal version number didn’t get updated even though the stack did, so it keeps thinking a new stack is available.

(Dave Farrants) #5

Email download / install worked for me, the message no longer appears.

(Isaiah Carew) #6

I’ve contacted @yuzool privately with some details about possible reasons for the failure.

Everything looks OK, but for reasons I can’t post about here the updater is rejecting the download. Hopefully the fix is pretty simple – maybe @yuzool is already working on it.

(Michael Frankland) #7

Just made an update @joemart1951 - did it fix it?

(Kenny White) #8

@yuzool … why yes it did. You the man :slight_smile:

(Michael Frankland) #9

Thanks @Nostrildomus - I’ve just woken up and no coffee yet - :joy:

Sorry for this @joemart1951 and others - it was an oversight on my part when I pushed that update out.

(Joe Martin) #10

All fixed

(system) #11

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