Audio Stack (from yuzool themes) broken with Stacks3

Need help getting a resolution… got a real need for this to work:)

Have you contacted the developer? What is the issue? Do you have a published URL we can see the issue happening on. People need a lot more info than just that it is broken. Help us help you!! :grinning:

Yes, I have contacted the developer (on 8/27) but don’t have a fix yet. If I knew the exact issue I would fix it and post a quick fix. I was hoping someone else uses the stack and found a work around. Thx. I will post if I here anything back from the developer.

Again, what is happening, just saying it is broken does not tell us anything. Just trying to help, I do not have the stack.

On a side note, try the developer again, maybe emails got lost or something happened, you never know.

I’m up and running thanks to ! Got an email this afternoon that allowed me to download an older stack and then be dialed in for sparkle updates. This fixed the broken photo links. Thanks so much Michael Frankland for actual help:) For anyone that has the “Audio” stack (I highly recommend it); download the stack again from your account and install into RW; then future updates will work.