Specific Icon is breaking my project, pls help!


I have been having trouble trying to use a certain icon within the shift theme. other icons seem to work ok but this one seems to cause some major issues.

I have a 4x3 gridly stack with 4 html stacks on the top row all with the following code inserted to make icons visible. This code is as follows

<header class="major lightbox wow fadeInUp"><span><i class="icon fa fa-server"></i></span></header>

It works correctly for all icons apart from fa-server. When i used fa-server it causes very strange issues. For example the text box directly below this html stack vanishes from rapid weaver altogether and only reappears if i delete the html stack with the above code in.

I have created a very small video showing what i mean, i created the video using the default shift theme templates ‘gridly stack’ page instead of my own project just to show its not related to any code or anything in my specific project.


Is this a bug or user error ? I’m leaning towards a bug as its pretty bizarre. If it is a bug is it a bug with rapid weaver or the theme ?

Any help would be appreciated


I have a feeling the theme loads an older version of Font Awesome and that icon is not included in the one they load. It is from FA 4.3, see if fa-bed which is also from 4.3 does the same thing

For me, the fa fa icon always works.
Perhaps you use a text stack, not a html stack, that works too.

Thanks @zeebe and @Oscar for helping out.

@moose Can you test this out?

Try to turn smart quotes off in OSX preferences:
System Preferences > Keyboard > Text > Use smart quotes and dashes (off)

Also I believe that as @zeebe mentioned the Theme does not include the latest font awesome version at the moment it’s loading font awesome 4.3.0 , need to get in to it soon.


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Carl, also I’ve just updated the Theme to use the latest version of font awesome, sent you a download link already to your email :wink:



Strange or just cool.

When I insert in a stack page the stack Foundation Site Styles, the fa fa icon appears in almost all themes, even in alpha or Caribou, etc.
The same effect like when I insert an empty FontAwesome Stack.