Split Theme - Hamburger Menu missing on smaller screen

hi, i’m using Split Theme, all is great when published (www.christinaoxtoby.co.uk) and navigation all fine, but when i compress width to smaller screen (like iPhone etc) then hamburger menu doesn’t show, but in RapidWeaver development when i reduce width then the hamburger menu does show. any pointers please?

I’m not sure how it would have happened, but the icon.svg image (Menu icon) is missing from the page (404 Not Found).

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hi i can see (when i look via ftp) the file icon-menu.svg is there, is icon.svg an additional file thats needed?

extra observation, if i preview locally (via Safari on 127.0.0.) then the hamburger is there…

That looks like the correct file and filename. Strange. The browser is showing that it’s a 404, but the file appears to be in the folder.

Is the /htdocs/ part correct? Is there another folder? As each host is different, it’s hard to say.

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hi, i wonder if it’s an issue with the hosting company not allowing .svg files, and i need to somehow change some mime setting.

Yes. Mime is incorrect. Also IIS? Ouch.


i’m going to swap the hosting OS to Linux now (fasthosts allows that) and see what happens… btw whats the software you’ve used to pull up the info in your screen shot?

Firefox, but it could have been Chrome or anything else :wink:

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good news, having now swapper from Windows to Linux hosting OS, the Hamburger menu has now appeared.

Thanks everyone for your time and input, much appreciated.


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