Split theme title size

I’m using Split theme for a simple site showing pictures to a client.
I do not understand how to obtain a Title as in the demo page

I put the site logo in the Project Settings, but it appears very small.
I tried with many logo sizes, from 100 to 400 pixels large, it remains always small.


175px looks about right to me, but your opinion is what matters:-

.header #logo img {
    max-width: 175px;
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Thank you!
I tried some values, and in my case the best is160px: logo

For a logo in a horizontal band like that, the best CSS would be “max-height” but I tried and it do not works. Maybe would be necessary to change the Theme, not only add a CSS code.

I have to learn CSS, because too many themes offer few customizations. And the first things a client asks are “I want my logo bigger”, “why the logo is so big?”, “change that menu size”, “I want it bold”… but there are no options in the page inspector.

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Hey Kryten,

I am working right now on the Split Theme. I use a personal background image (a portrait of me) but when I add it, a few millimeters got ‘cut’ :slight_smile: at the normal foto, you can see my hear…when I add it to a background picture, you can’t see my hair! :slight_smile: my explanation is not the best, I hope you know, what I am talking about. How can I scale it? Greetings from Austria!


A free haircut with every copy of the theme :wink:

Can you provide a link to your site so that I can take a look?

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I’ll take a screenshot

you see my two problems…1) the logo has to be two centimeters up…and the 2) the background: the resolution is 2400x1600 pxl. how can I see my face :slight_smile: HELP!!! :slight_smile:

how can I scale it? can’t solve this

Hi @mufflern

Thanks but the screenshot, as apparently revealing as it is, doesn’t really help that much.
I really need to see the live page to:-

  • Work out how to nudge the logo into position (probably a CSS snippet).
  • Look at the image in a bit more detail.

Note that the default Split banner image is sized at 1280px by 853px - so you might want to try reducing the size.
There is a knowledge base article on Split banners here:

If you wanted to come over to:

And raise a ticket I would be happy to work through these and any other issues with you.

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I found the solution for both problems…I solved the two, the site looks great, but when I open it one the iPhone, the “three lines” (navigation menu) isn’t there…2 problems solved and got a new one!!


The NavIcon (three lines/hamburger) menu icon is, in Split, a .svg file. It’s also white… The most common reasons why it cannot be seen are:-

  • You have a menu area with a white background, so the NavIcon is lost in the white.
  • Your site may be hosted by a provider who does not support .svg files. Usually this can be overcome easily enough either with an .htaccess tweak or a support email to the provider.

I see that in your image from earlier the menu background is white. Try changing it to another colour and seeing if the NavIcon then appears.


Thx!!! you are absolutly right!! its white and when I push at this area, the menue appears!!! what that commando for making the hamburger visible? and thx for the fast answers!!! really good service!!!

Thats good.
If you look in the theme settings (master style, if you are using them, or the page level theme settings), you should see in the settings one called "Navigation Background’. Try changing that to a a subtle grey or, and I’m going out on a wing here… try adding color #EDE4E0 in your color palette and select that. Why that colour? It matches the top you are wearing in the image - and might look nice. Thats just my opinion of course… change it to anything you like.

When you do that, the NavIcon might become visible (as its no longer white on white).

Let us know.


thx so much!!! I’ll try it tomorrow…its bed time in Austria!! Thank you very much and good night!!!

Goodnight and thank you for the kind words. You could not be more welcome. I’m right here if you need anything :slight_smile:

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Hey Kryten! I tried your suggestions! The color you recommended looks pretty good :slight_smile: I published and refreshed everything, but I still can’t see the ‘hamburger’. AND on the iPhone is still the dark version. I post you both screenshots: from Rapidweaver

and from the iPhone:

very strange thing :slight_smile:


Can you give me the URL to your published site?



Okay. Thanks.
The header area background color should update based on the theme option provided.
In any case try adding this CSS to the project wide CSS panel ( in the Code area):

.header {
    background: #A59D9C !important;

Let me know if that helps :wink:

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