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I just uploaded my first RapidWeaver site that is using the Split Theme. I wanted it to be a responsive site and everything is fine except when I’m in portrait mode on my iPhone or iPad I can’t see all the links. I can’t scroll down when I click on the three bars in order to see the last links. How can I fix this? Sorry if this is a newbie question. Thanks. http://www.haroldappel.net

You have way too many items in your navigation. I’ve never seen a site with so many.

You’ll need to find a way to reduce those. Try putting some in a sub menu, or take some out of “show in navigation”.

What, exactly, is way too many? I should be able to scroll to the last of the links, shouldn’t I?

I suspect that the links are extending beyond the page itself on a mobile. In that theme, the navigation links are all supposed to be contained in the coloured Nav Bar at the top of the page.

As @NeilUK says, you have way too many nav items. I, too, have never seen a site with so many. Way too many is more than will fit into an average screen. Perhaps you could split them up by continent. Also, you can change the break points so that a hamburger menu or the equivalent (I confess I don’t know the Split theme) takes over at the point at which the the menu takes up two lines.

Thanks for the help.

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Hi, not sure if anyone is still looking at this thread but I also have the same problem with Split - but I just have 8 navigation tabs which is surely not too excessive. But the site is unreadable on a phone and pretty confusing on an iPad. Does anyone have any suggestions - otherwise Im going to have to change to another theme which I’m very reluctant to do. The site is www.windyhall.info . Thanks

It’s because the navicon in Split is white, so it’s not visible because your background is white. Have a look at this thread:


Thanks thang, - really useful; not sure why I didn’t find that thread earlier. Changed the colour of the Navicon so things starting to look sorted.