Split Theme Rapidweaver 6.2 - trouble with iPhone responsiveness

I’ve built a site in the Split theme in Rapidweaver 6.2 - everything is working fine except on the iphone - I’ve attached an image - as you can see only one page of the menu is showing up - and I think the video should be reducing in size. see site at leighmuro.com


Try adding this CSS to the project CSS code container:

.header {
    background: #ccc;
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Thank you - that did make the header dark enough so that the navicon is visible - but there are still two major problems - one is that the video doesn’t “respond” and you can only see the navicon if you scroll the iphone image all the way to the right. Then when you click on the navicon, since the header is dark -so is the drop down menu and you cant see any of the type - if I change the type to white so you can actually see the menu, the ortho bionomy (the second section of the site) shows up again - looking like the only section on the site.

Has anyone seen this where the video doesn’t respond?

UPDATE - I figured out the easy problem - now the drop down menu from the navicon is visible - but the video is still not responding and you have to scroll all the way to the right to see the navicon thanks for any advice

SOLVED! I’m happy to report that I discovered a site: http://embedresponsively.com that will instantly send you a code to embed that corrects the problem.

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