Split Theme ... Responsive?

(ricklashonefoy) #1

I am a newbie so please forgive this question if already asked. I have yet to find an answer online. I am using the “Split” theme RW 7.4.1. It looks find on a web browser but not tablet or phone. Is this a responsive theme? If so, How can I get my full image to be viewed in the header on those devices? This is the site link: www.comidapaws.com. Thank you in advance.

(Henk Vrieselaar) #2

The Split theme is really responsive, but your header image is rather small.
Please use a wider image.
Personally I think you can better use a picture of a dog or dog food (or whatever) as header image and use the Title and Slogan for the text ‘Comida Paws’ and ‘Dog Treats created by a Chef’.


(ricklashonefoy) #3

The reason why I made the header smaller is because it did not translate well over to the tablet or phone it was cutting off logo; that is why I centered everything to avoid this. Hence the question: Responsive? I am having such a crappy time trying to use this theme; I am just about to pay someone to do this so that I can focus on the video content. Also I selected a blog using the “Split” theme but it does not show the header for it as well. Frustrated to the point with very little patience now.

(ricklashonefoy) #4

Well I think that I figured out this “Split” theme (waste of money) . It only allows you to make one page using that split effect. I wasted hours on this BS.

(Dave Farrants) #5

I hope a few others come along to put you right! It’s a really great Theme and full of options, I’ve used it very successfully to make a couple of sites, all had more than one page!

(Stuart) #6


I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems with the free Split theme. I am aware of scores of people for whom Split has been a great choice. There are some things it was never designed to do - for example it was never intended to be a theme which suited lots of subpages (submenus), but for the most part its a solid theme with some very nice touches.

Anyway, for what its worth, I put a little demo together for you just now:

I’ll take it down tomorrow or day after. As you will see the split effect is there on all pages, the logo can be tamed easily enough and I reckon you could make a really nice job using Split with your material.

Frustration is inevitable when working with new themes/stacks … it takes a little bit of time and practice sometimes but I would urge you to try not to get too upset and above all don’t give up. Happy to help if needed.

(Michael Frankland) #7

I think it’s really good of @kryten to put a tailored demo together like that, great work :clap:

Here’s the more generic demo to see all the theme features in motion:

As @DaveFox points out, a lot of people have used it to great effect and it’s pretty solid so sad to hear you are having troubles. That said, this bit worries me:

  1. You can make it multiple pages - we’ve shown that
  2. Did you pay for this? Where? It’s a FREE theme that ships in RapidWeaver 6 & 7 :scream:


(ricklashonefoy) #8

Thank you so very much for sharing this with me. I will revisit this theme to see if I can pull it off. Another issue I am having with “Split” theme is it will not publish my custom header on the other pages I create. It only shows up on the main “home” page. It looks good in the RW7 application but not publishing.

(ricklashonefoy) #9

I paid for this theme when I was on RW6.

(Dave Farrants) #10

You could try duplicating the home page then delete the the content you don’t want on that page and add your new content, don’t forget to rename the pages.

(ricklashonefoy) #11

I appreciate ALL of the advice given and it has help; I still have one last issue with this theme and that is with the header. Does this them only allows on custom header because I want to use my own photographs on other pages built with this theme. Immediate response is so appreciated. If you want to see an example of what I am talking about please visit comidapaws.com and select the “our product” page in the navigation bar. It is blank…will not show picture but it did upload.

(Jason Bostick) #12

There’s an error in the browser saying that it did not upload - you may want to try publishing that page again.

(ricklashonefoy) #13

I’ve been republishing for almost a thousand times and still nothing. Thanks.

(Jason Bostick) #14

You could try right-clicking the page and selecting ‘Mark as changed’. It might not be picking up that an image has been added. In any case, this isn’t a theme issue, it’s just that the file isn’t on your server.

(ricklashonefoy) #15

Thanks, I’ll contact Godaddy to see if it is on their end however it does not make any sense considering everything else is uploaded. I appreciate your time. Thank you.

(ricklashonefoy) #16

The sad thing is I just got off the phone with godaddy and they walked me through the process of managing my files stored on their server and the jpg image is there. So with that said, it has to be something with this “Split” theme. I think I will call it a day and find another theme to use because this has wasted way more time then I have. Again I appreciate your help. Thanks a lot.

(ricklashonefoy) #17

This did not work either; I was hoping it did because I really like this theme. oh well so much for “Split”.

(Michael Frankland) #18

For the banners on sub pages @rickfoy
Please see this article:


(Michael Frankland) #19

??? :scream:
Paid means “came with RW6”?

(Michael Frankland) #20

I guarantee it’s not something with the theme @rickfoy and more likely something stuck in publishing or browser cache

Can you export to desktop and test or email me that export?